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Why Tungsten Carbide Is Used For Wear Parts?

When a tool or material is being used to carry out the same function on a highly repetitive basis, it is inevitable that some wearing will occur. When a material comes into contact with another in a cutting or rubbing fashion, the effectiveness of the part doing the cutting or rubbing will eventually become lessened by the job it is being employed to do. This is an inevitable part of the manufacturing process and this is why the use of wear products needs to be factored into any project. However, while it is inevitable that some jobs and tasks will result in an element of wearing away occurring and for parts needing to be replaced, there are some substances and materials that are more reliable and can withstand a lot more work and wearing than other materials.

Many businesses will often have to make a decision on which materials are the best for them to use. Like all business decisions, cost will inevitably be a factor but there is also a need to take on board the effectiveness of the product, the inconvenience of replacing worn parts every so often and the value for money of the overall process. The lowest price may be of benefit and interest to many companies but for many businesses, the lowest price is not the price that is important. It is the price that provides the most value for money that is the one that businesses have to look out for and this is where the introduction of tungsten carbide can make all the difference.

This is a substance you can rely on

The benefits of tungsten carbide are well known and they are often used to great effect in the manufacturing industry. The powder itself can be utilised as a very effective abrasive substance or the powder can be turned into a cutting shape which is highly effective for the production of tools, machinery and even in the creation of jewellery.

The strength and very physical nature of tungsten carbide makes it a number one choice for a wide range of applications. It is a very strong material and the fact that it has a high level of resistance to wearing makes it a material that is in high demand. As stated, while there is an acceptance that wear parts are a vital part of the manufacturing industry, a wear part that is provided with tungsten carbide can provide a great deal of service. It is this value for money that sees tungsten carbide hailed as one of the most important components of the modern era when it comes to cutting and working.

Not many materials impact on tungsten carbide

There are not many materials in the world that have the ability to scratch or cut tungsten carbide, so the wear resistance is very high. One of the few materials that can impact upon tungsten carbide in such a fashion is diamond abrasives which are operating an industrial level. With this in mind, it is easy to see why tungsten carbide is the natural selection for so many companies that are looking to find the best value when it comes to their wear parts.

In years gone by, many firms would not be overly concerned about replacing parts as long as the finished product was up to standard. Times have changed now and every penny must be accounted for by a firm. This is why every aspect of the manufacturing process is up for consideration and a firm that can reduce the amount of waste or replacement parts that they burn through on a regular basis will find that they can positively impact on their bottom line.

The use of tungsten carbide may cause a rise in the purchase of materials at one point but in the long run, the switch to this style of material will provide many benefits, which is why firms should be looking to tungsten carbide for wear parts.

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